We aim to provide high quality care and education that meets the needs of our children and supports parents, families, educators and community.


We believe that children have the right to:

  • Always feel safe, physically and emotionally
  • Express their ideas, creativity and feelings naturally and freely
  • A nurturing educational environment which extends their strengths, interests and abilities and adopts the principles of equal opportunity and social justice
  • A harmonious, play based, well balanced curriculum which fosters the development of the whole child
  • A nutrition programme that promotes healthy eating and wellbeing based on the Australian Standards

We aim to promote relationships that support children to:

  • Feel a sense of belonging
  • See themselves as valued, unique and powerful
  • See themselves as constructive contributors to the community
  • Respect and reflect on own culture and diversity in our community


We believe that parents and caregivers are a child’s first and most influential people in their lives. We aim to develop a partnership with families that are beneficial to the child’s learning and development by:

  • Welcoming families into the centre
  • Encouraging them to be active participators in the life of the centre
  • Being respectful and accommodating of their child-rearing practices
  • Providing information about other family and children’s services available to assist families
  • Exchanging information about their child
  • Sharing our professional knowledge with parents to support their parenting


We believe that curriculum encompasses all the interactions, experiences, routines, and events, planned and unplanned in our Centre.
We aim to:

  • Use the Early Years Learning Framework and its Learning Outcomes along with collaboration with families to guide our planning for play based learning
  • Support every child to ‘belong’, ‘be’ and ‘become’
  • Identify each child’s strengths, interests and abilities
  • Encourage families to contribute to our curriculum planning
  • Choose appropriate teaching strategies and intentionally engage children actively in learning
  • Design play spaces that are rich in possibilities for indoor and outdoor learning
  • Teach children about the environment for a sustainable future for all


To ensure the provision of high standards of care and education, our educators will:

  • Abide by the Early Childhood Code of Ethics
  • Advocate for children (United Nations Rights of the Child)
  • Recognise children as individuals
  • Continue to be involved in education and professional development
  • Implement Primary Care Giving practices to meet the individual child’s needs
  • Recognise the importance of communication and team work
  • Strive to form positive relationships within the staff team
  • Be given opportunities for and be committed to professional development
  • Be involved in decision making and professional conversation
  • Have an environment which is supportive of each individual, in relation to their physical, family and cultural needs


Our centres will:

  • Promote awareness and knowledge of the value of quality child care and education
  • Participate with other community groups, agencies and services to share resources, and develop a network
  • Endeavour to keep informed of the changing needs of the community
  • Be sensitive to the wider range of social and cultural backgrounds of the community it serves
  • Recognise that diversity within the community contributes to the richness of our society