Legal Ratio 1:10 Budgeted Ratio 1:8

Staff Team

  • Universal Access Preschool Teacher – Team Leader : Belinda Dare
  • Registered Teacher – Team Leader : Elizabeth Smith
  • Children’s Services Professional : Michelle Tilbrook
  • Children’s Services Professional : Melissa Patterson
  • Children’s Services Assistant :Michelle Medhurst


The Early Years Learning Framework is a nationally recognised curriculum that supports and extends on children’s learning between the ages of birth and five years. The EYLF has a strong focus on play as well as fundamental skills like literacy and numeracy and recognises that children must feel safe secure and strong in their environments to become successful and engaged learners. Each child has a portfolio documenting their learning throughout their time at Warradale Community Children’s Centre. Children’s portfolios will be added to regularly by educators and reflected upon to ensure planning for each child remains relevant to their interest and developmental stage.

Family input is very important. Families can add to the curriculum in many different ways. This may be through having a conversation with educators about what is happening at home, completing a family input form or coming to the centre to share an interest, skill or family tradition with the children.

Our program is underpinned by secure attachment theory, supporting social and emotional development by utilising ‘Circle of Security’ practices. In accordance with our centre philosophy, we believe children must feel safe, secure and supported before any other learning can occur.

Group times

We have a few group times each day and the content varies. The kind of group time that we have depends on the group dynamics, specific learning areas and group and individual interests. Group times help children practice group norms like sitting, listening and turn taking which are important for school readiness. Group times are also valuable learning opportunities where educators can build on each child’s interests and knowledge in a focused and meaningful way.

What to bring

In a small bag, please supply the following:

  • A named sun hat, either broad brimmed or legionaries style. In the Kangaroo Room hats go home with your child each day
  • A complete change of clothes, more if your child still needs support with toileting
  • Primary Caregiving

    We continue to use primary caregiving in the Kangaroo Room. A primary carer will be assigned to each child based on who they have built a bond with in their transition visits. This educator is responsible for building the child’s portfolios and planning experiences based strengths, needs and interests.